NEWINGTON, CT (WFSB) -- Senator Richard Blumenthal was joined by Newington residents on Friday morning to hear their concerns about rising healthcare costs.

Seniors at the Newington Senior and Disabled Center said they feel as if they must choose whether to buy the medicine they need or go without, but for many, going without is not possible.

“What comes to mind is human right should triumph over greed,” said Blumenthal.

Blumenthal joined other policy makers and advocates to hear their constituents raw, honest opinions on the right to access affordable, quality medicine.

“Like I said, greed. Everything is greed. They want to make the money, money, money. And we’re dying off,” said Newington resident, Mark Dzamba.

Channel 3 chatted with Linda Corning, whose son relies on Epinephrine injections. Corning said several variables dictate how much two boxes will cost, sometimes she said it is free, other times over $1,800.

“But when I did call yesterday, if I needed to pay out-of-pocket,” explained Corning. “The out-of-pocket cost is $2,900 right now.”

Blumenthal said he is tackling pharmaceutical companies in Washington D.C. by introducing legislation to halt patents protecting prescription drugs.

The Senator came out swinging against the manufacturers of Humira, which can treat arthritis and Chron’s disease.

He claims the company filed nearly 250 patents preventing generic products. He said he is hoping his proposals make the U.S. Senate floor for a vote.

Channel 3 reached out to the company that owns Humira, but it could not be reached for a comment.

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(2) comments


the senators are part of the problem passing laws from lobbyists that favor the drug companys, like not being able to buy drugs from Canada where they are MUCH cheaper

Jame Gumb

“What comes to mind is human right should triumph over greed,” said Blumenthal. - Yeah, perfect example. A millionaire politician lifer who is a known liar, and uses human tragedy to exploit personal exposure. This guy gets paid more than he deserves and gets free everything while doing it. What will make health care more affordable is to have Stolen Valor pay his share, enact term limits, and bring back the per-diem system for Congressional candidates. Meaning you only get paid for the time you actually work. No more recess, no more months-long vacation time. You punch in, serve the people, then punch out.

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