Several inches of snow could be dumped in parts of CT

Goff's Equipment Service in Litchfield has been busy as people brace for Winter Storm Clare. (WFSB)

The forecast on Tuesday morning called for between 5 and 9 inches of snow from Winter Storm Clare for northwestern Connecticut.

Cities and towns in Litchfield County have been ramping up their preparations.

Business has been good at Goff's Equipment Service in Litchfield. Its manager said the store sold 180 snowblowers this winter.

"You would think at some point the sales would run out, but this year has been the exception to that rule," said Tim Goff, manager, Goff's Equipment Service. "We’re just really busy. We keep getting orders of snow throwers in. We keep selling out of them.”

The deep freeze didn't hurt either.

Goff said hundreds of service calls kept his three mechanics busy.

"We had a lot of issues that we’re not normally used to seeing," he said. "A lot of gelled up tractors with diesel engines, just a lot of issues with general equipment that we never heard of before so it was a learning experience for all of us with that really cold weather we had.”

In Torrington, flurries on Tuesday morning preceded Winter Storm Clare.

The city's Department of Public Works crews were loaded up with salt and pretreated as many roads as they could.

”We usually have 19 or 20 plows out during any storm and pre-storm prep is as critical as the upkeep and plowing through the duration of the storm," said Mayor Elinor Carbone, Torrington.

Officials said because of the city's layout, each storm presents challenges.

"We pose great challenges in the city of Torrington when it comes to plowing because we are the center of town in a valley, but all of our very residential neighborhoods are up in the hillier sections," Carbone said.

Ahlgren Landscaping in Plainville spent Tuesday morning preparing for Winter Storm Clare.

"Getting ready to go out and pre-treat, fueled up all our equipment this morning, loading the spreaders up with salt and hopefully tackle it with some of these," said Chris Ahlgren.

He added that it's a lot to tackle.

"We'll do a little over thirty commercial properties and then another almost 100 residential properties that we'll take care of this storm. A little over 20 guys in the field," Ahlgren said.

Meanwhile, state plow trucks found a window to go out and pre-treat because temperatures warmed up a bit.

"We have about 11,000 lane miles of roadway that we are responsible for and when we pre-treat we are just strategically targeting certain areas,” said Department of Transportation spokesman Kevin Nursick.

Bridges, hills, valleys, and ramps may be trickier.

"If you look at the lane mileage that we are pretreating we probably hit about 300 lane miles out of the 11 so we don't go out there and blanket everything with salt we're just pretreating these strategic areas,” Nursick said.

There are 634 state plow trucks and roughly 200 contractors that they can bring in for help.

"For this storm, it looks like we will probably have everything out there during the majority of this event,” Nursick said.

Nursick said if you do see a line of plow trucks out there on the highway, do not try and get around them because you could end in a snow bank. Give them space to work.

For more on Winter Storm Clare, head here.

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