HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - More than 128,000 Americans have died from coronavirus, Worldometers statistics showed on Monday morning.

Many southern and western states across reported seeing a spike in COVID-19 infection rates. Several are now halting or scaling back their reopen plans.

Connecticut, comparably, is showing the opposite.

It is one of only two states reporting drops in infection rate. The other is Rhode Island.

Sunday, Gov. Ned Lamont’s team reported 97 more people test positive for COVID-19 and five people died from the virus.

The team also said the number of people in the hospital continued to drop.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he’s afraid that while the infection rate is low in the region, it’ll rebound because of other states.

States like Florida are trying to contain the spread.

Beaches there are closing for the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Gov. Ron Desantis blamed young people for driving the infection rate.

The governor in California closed bars in Los Angeles and six other counties.

A restaurant in Los Angeles chose to close for the safety of its employees.

"When they ask ‘please wear a mask,’ they get upset if they have something in their hands, they throw water on employees. It's really disrespectful,” said Nabor Prado, Hugo's Tacos

Texas is one of the hard-hit states.

"COVID-19 has taken a very swift and very dangerous turn in Texas over just the past few weeks,” said Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas.

Hospitals are reaching capacity.

Abbott shut down bars and reduced restaurant capacity to 50 percent.

Stay with Channel 3 for continuing coverage of the coronavirus in Connecticut.

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(3) comments


Let's see a map overlay of virus reproductive rates and major protests, particularly those containing rioting and looting. Didn't hear of much in the way of Wendy's being burned down in Connecticut.

Brian C. Duffy

Because Connecticut cops have shot anyone in the back lately.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT


How about a map overlay of states rushing to open or idiots at the beach? Or are you just trying to vilify protesters?

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