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(WFSB) - The cold weather has been wreaking havoc on a lot of homeowners and schools.

This is the time of year when pipes can easily freeze and burst.

“Past couple of days, that’s all we’ve been doing is frozen pipes left and right. A lot of no heat call,” said Scott Coutant, Plumbing Manager for Aiello Home Services.

These past few days, it’s been one call after another for plumbers with Aiello Home Services.

When temperatures plummet, the chances of your pipes freezing and bursting significantly increases.

So, here’s some advice to prevent that from happening.

First off, don’t turn down the heat in rooms you’re not using.

“They should never turn it down. Keep it at the normal temperature. Mostly when it gets real cold like it has been the past couple of days,” said Coutant.

Same with water.

“If you have you have a certain area of your house you know gets colder, keep a faucet dripping. It’s going to stop it from freezing,” Coutant said.

And it’s not just homeowners dealing with frozen pipes.

A pipe burst at Highland Elementary School in Cheshire, forcing the school to close today.

A similar situation at Newington’s Elizabeth Green Elementary School.

Something else experts say you might not know is that heating pipes freeze a lot of times before water pipes, that’s because hot water freezes before cold water.

As you can imagine, the cost to repair damage from a pipe that burst can pricey.

“If you’re on oil, make sure its full, you’re not running low. You don’t want to run out of oil this time of year,” Coutant said.

So, you’re better off turning up the heat instead of paying the price to fix a pipe that froze and burst.

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