Sewage backup closes West Haven library

Crews are cleaning up a big mess at a library in West Haven (WFSB)

A sewage backup closed a local library.

The messy situation happened early last week inside the building housing West Haven's Allington Library branch.

The mayor describes it as a pretty significant sewage spill, causing quite a bit of damage.

The health department also recommends that the building stay closed until the work is finished.

“We are working to get it open as quickly as possible, but the first and foremost thing we have to worry about is people getting sick,” said West Haven Mayor Nancy Rossi.

She said the sewage back up in the basement of the Forest Road building damaged carpet, floor tiles, and an elevator.

"I think that's one of the big ones down there. We have to clean up and my understanding there were so many inches, may have even been a foot, the walls have to be replaced because when you wet sheetrock, you can't clean that,” Rossi said.

As part of the cleanup, officials said the air quality is being monitored throughout the building.

"Sanitized and make sure the air quality is fine before people get back in there,” Rossi said.

People in the neighborhood hope it’s sooner rather than later.

"That's bad, hopefully they'll open it back up soon. Every day I come down here and there are always people going in and out, cars pulling up,” said Michael Allocca, of West Haven.

The mayor said it could be a week, or it could be closed much longer until building and health departments conduct final inspections and sign off.

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