Shoppers urged to forgo the furry friend for the holidays


With two days until the holidays, shoppers may be tempted to add a new pet to their holiday wishlist.

However, animal experts at the Wolcott Animal Shelter told Eyewitness News that other than a lone pitbull named Angel at their shelter, most of the pets have been placed, and while that’s a good thing, said Dana Natrillo, adding a pet to a shopping list is not advisable.

“It is nice for the dog to have a home for Christmas, but you also have to think of what else can happen over the holidays,” said Natrillo.

At the Wolcott Animal Shelter, the workers screen and try to filter out potentially irresponsible adopters.

“We definitely try 100% to make sure the dog going out doesn't come back,” said Natrillo.

For those deciding to get a pet for the holidays, Natrillo offers guidelines to shoppers. She advises that shoppers avoid making an impulse buy.

“They're not a sweater that you can just return two days later because they're not the right size.”

When purchasing a dog, Natrillo hopes the owners research the breed and the training required.

“You're still going to have potty accidents,” said Natrillo. “And those are things that upset owners a lot of times.”

Sadly, the advice Natrillo offers isn’t always heeded when impulse buyers realize they are in over their heads, and that pet comes right back.

“Come February or March, you'll see a major influx,” said Natrillo.

Natrillo’s best advice is to make the decision to get a pet as a family. She said go to a pet store, buy food, toys, accessories and gift cards. It will still provide a dramatic surprise, but the decision on which pet to select can be done as a family and under no deadlines.

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