WINDSOR, CT (WFSB) – Shopping baskets are vanishing from grocery stores all over the state.

It’s being called an unintended consequence of the plastic bag tax.

At Geissler’s Supermarket in Windsor, plastic bags are no longer an option due to the tax. Shoppers must pay 10 cents for a paper bag or bring a reusable one, but sometimes people forget their reusable bags at home or in their car.

“A lot of people are unwilling to buy a new bag since they have them, so sometimes they’ll take our baskets out to the car and they’ll never come back,” said Brett Davis, Geissler’s store manager.

The baskets cost somewhere between six and ten dollars.

“It adds up and when you start losing money like that, all those costs get passed along,” Davis said.

The Connecticut Food Association says it’s an issue many stores are facing since the plastic bag tax went into effect last August.

“It is state-wide, it’s widespread, in some instances, some retailers have lost 60 to 70 percent of their inventory,” said Wayne Pesce, President of Connecticut Food Association.

The non-profit represents more than 300 grocery store retailers on various issues.

While Pesce says the tax is successfully helping eliminate plastic. The association is now trying to help stores find ways to stop the problem from happening continuously.

Associates are being trained to look out for it and some stores will offer up free reusable bags.

“The other thing is really just being watchful for it in the first place,” Davis said.

The hope is that as more and more people get used to the plastic bag tax, they’ll also remember their reusable bags that way they won’t have to resort to taking the shopping baskets without returning them.

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Pretty soon they'll be asking for a deposit- just like those luggage carts at the airport. Ban plastic- fine. But it's ridiculous that stores started to charge for paper. Especially stores that used to provide paper bags for free. This is just opportunism by the stores to make a few more bucks and now they're complaining about stolen baskets. Boo hoo!




This is ridiculous. The new "law"=tax, is a major inconvenience, and is costing retailers $$$. Why couldn't they just mandate stores use those weird, recycled, bio degradable "plastic" bags? Or better yet, leave the stupid plastic bags alone! Most of us reused those things 100xs before that ended up in the garbage. On top of that, where I live, a rural area, the stores still give us their old plastic bags for free lol. This tax is a joke, and I cannot believe anyone would be for this. Good God people


Years ago, paper bags were the norm, and free, and stores rarely, if ever, offered plastic bags.Now that plastic is taboo, stores are charging for paper. Is it the consumers' fault that stores introduced plastic bags, and now that they're banned, we have to pay for paper?


Now they are getting just PLAIN STUPID with this law......................


Post a notice that all carts are not to leave the store - if that's not enough, then it's cheap enough (with today's technology) to install/embed a sensor in all hand carts and an audible noise (such as an alarm sound) when the hand cart reaches a certain distance from the entrance. At $6-$10 a pop for hand carts, the investment in sensors will pay for itself and you will have one less thing to worry about and concentrate on sales


Ive taken several of the baskets, and I am entitled to them

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