EAST HAVEN, CT (WFSB) -- In one Connecticut shoreline town, ‘man’s best friend’ might soon be banned from the beach.

East Haven is looking at amending an ordinance to keep dogs off the town’s beach during the busy summer months.

While a current sign says “no pets,” there isn’t actually an ordinance when it comes to dogs on the beach.

The current proposal would take care of that by putting it on the books.

Last week, town councilors agreed to set up a public hearing over a proposal which would amend an existing town ordinance that prohibits dogs or other animals on the town green when there are more than 100 people gathered.

Councilors want to add the phrase “no dogs or other animals on the town beach” to the ordinance as well.

“The Canadian geese and other animals make enough mess on the beach, not counting the dogs,” said George Pisani, of East Haven.

While walking his dog down Cosey Beach Avenue on Thursday, Pisani said he’s okay with the proposal.

However, others don’t agree.

“Go ahead and go for it, but you’re never getting my vote for it,” said Bruce Gallup.

He was out walking his dog Faith on Thursday and said he doesn’t like the idea.

“Dogs are our best friends, they should be able to go anywhere we go. Responsible dog owners usually clean up after themselves, take care of their animals, make sure they’re chained and on leashes. As long as that’s under control, I don’t know why they shouldn’t be able to go anywhere," Gallup said.

Under the current ordinance, there are exceptions, like when the dog is assisting as a guide dog.

Right now, animal control officers and police officers could enforce the rule, and those caught violating would be subject to a $75 fine.

A public hearing on the proposal is set for July 2.

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(2) comments

Jules Winnfield

"Responsible dog owners usually clean up after themselves, take care of their animals, make sure they’re chained and on leashes." And that's why people don't want them everywhere dude, that variable "usually". I catch "responsible" dog owners illegally using children's soccer fields in my town as their litterboxes. I finally blocked one in and refused to move my truck until he did a little community service. Dogs belong in dog parks, people belong on beaches.


You "blocked one in and refused to move" sounds illegal. You are lucky you didn't get shot.

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