MILFORD, CT (WFSB) -- On Thursday afternoon in Milford, there was a steady wind and waves were rolling in, but there’s no doubt it’ll get stronger as the overnight hours approach.

Overcast and gray, the choppy waves of Long Island Sound spent the day getting larger and larger, Barbara Vitelli would have it no other way, even if she knows what’s on the horizon.

“I love the water; I love the crashing of the waves. I actually like the wind, but this is about it, this is enough for me,” said Vitelli, of West Haven.

That’s because she and others living along the shoreline know all too well, Tropical Storm Elsa’s potential, as it sets its sites on the state later tonight.

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Before the heavy wind and rain rolls into the state, plenty in Milford spent the day down by the water, some splashing in the surf, others even out for a swim.

Beth Saxagne and her group spent some time flying kites, before it got a little too windy.

“We’re renting a house, right up the street, so we just figured, we’d fly some kites, comes and see what’s going on and the waves are pretty big today,” said Saxagne, of Danbury.

With the potential for flooding and power outages increasing as Elsa arrives, the governor said the state will be keeping an eye on the conditions closely and asking folks across the state to play it safe.

“We’re watching that like a hawk, it looks like very early tomorrow morning it will hit,” said Gov. Ned Lamont. “Obviously, if you can stay home, stay home.”

For someone who’s live along Connecticut’s coast for 55 years, Vitelli said that’s exactly what everyone should do.

“Just tie down anything you think my might blow away or injure somebody. You try to tie them down and that’s about it. Stay inside and hope for the best,” Vitelli said.

High tide in Milford is set for just after 11 p.m.

Track the storm with Ch. 3’s tropical tracker here.

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