Connecticut's shoreline cities and towns have been preparing for the strong winds and potential flooding expected on Monday that could arrive with an approaching nor'easter.

WFSB's Early Warning Weather Tracker headed out to the Old Saybrook area, where a high wind warning was in effect, on Monday morning.

It reported that the wind had already begun picking up in the area in the morning. Gusts of between 40 and 50 mph or more are forecasted.

Shoreline residents also braced for rain and flooding.

East Haven public works crews were also down along Cosey Beach Avenue cleaning out the storm drains, so they don't get backed up today and tonight with all the rain. That's because the low lying areas and spots along the shore that typically flood, could see rising water at some point during this storm, especially during high tide. High tide was scheduled for 8 p.m.

"We're trying to be proactive. We're cleaning the basins out so there is no debris in there. We don't want any blockage if we get a high tide surge later on with the storm," said Charlie Coyle, a street foreman for East Haven Public Services.

Each year, East Haven workers pull back some sand to form a barrier on the beach. While it helps break the storm surge, it keeps the beach from losing sand during winter storms.

"We do it at the end of the season so we don't lose anything and a lot of times we gain, a lot of times we gain, depending on the winds and the storm we'll gain extra sand and in the spring time we'll push it back," Coyle said.

For Paul Skerritt, with Precision Cutting Services, the chainsaws were gassed up and ready to go on Monday.

He said if needed, his crew and all their equipment will be ready to go too.

"We'll see what happens tonight, they're saying 60 mph winds, hopefully it’s not that bad, but if it is, we're prepared for it,” Skerritt said.

He's been in the tree business for 12 years, and with a nor'easter on tap bringing with it the possibility of those big gusts, he and others in this business could soon be in demand, cleaning up toppled trees.

Before the storm arrives, Old Saybrook police recommended that people do the following: Charge cellphones Make sure there's a three day supply of food, medication and water For well users, set aside some water in bathtubs to flush toilets

In Milford,

a reverse 911 call went out on Sunday

to alert residents about the storm.

The Eversource power company also issued a statement. It said it was watching the forecast closely and it's ready to respond if outages happen.

We’re keeping a close eye on the storm making its way to CT & our crews are ready to respond to any related outages #ctweather— Eversource CT (@EversourceCT) January 23, 2017

On Monday, Rosanne and Joe Letterese were enjoying watching the waves before the storm rolled in.

"We love it down here, so beautiful to watch the water, when it starts to church up, love the sound of it the ways, both of us love it," Rosanne Letterese said.

They said they take precautions at their East Haven home as well.

"We go outside on the deck and secure everything, take some of the pillows in and tie things down, foot pillows so they don't fly away," Letterese said.

If the wind does in fact take down one of your trees, Skerritt says to leave it to the professionals.

"You don't want to hire someone that doesn't have insurance. If you have a big tree on your house, don't have somebody with a pickup truck and a chainsaw try to tackle it."

Stay with Eyewitness News for continuing coverage of the storm.

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