Signs of spring at the hardware store as winter looms

There are signs of spring at the hardware store, but winter keeps sticking around (WFSB)

While some are getting ready for another round of snow, others are trying to think spring. After all, spring arrived on Tuesday afternoon.

At the hardware store on Tuesday, you could see two tales. The snow blowers are still being sold right next to the grills and gardening supplies.

“Usually we have them out on the trailers by now, they’re gone, but we have to keep them out because of the crazy weather,” said Dave Katz, of Goody’s Hardware in East Haven.

Instead, those snow blowers are right next to the gas grills, while across the aisle there are gardening supplies. It’s a sure sign that spring is here, even if it doesn’t feel like it and Wednesday it won’t look like it.

“We’re selling snow blowers, a couple are going out today. We have grills couple were going out tomorrow, they were like, can you wait a couple of days till the snow’s gone,” Katz said.

He said in his business he usually sees customers change their mindset and outlook of the seasons on March 1.

That’s when they start thinking spring, no matter the weather. But this year, with nor’easter after nor’easter, it’s been pretty hard.

“Its crazy people are like, throwing their hands up, why am I still here? We’re stuck here. It’s a good place to live, the weather is just not our friend,” he said.

At least April isn’t too far away.

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