Landscape designer by trade, a Simsbury mother of three who started making floral arrangements as a side job now said her flower arrangement business is blooming.

About a year ago, Simsbury resident Amy Schuster said she always loved arranging flowers, and once her three children left home, she decided to turn her passion into something more lucrative.

“I’d bring them to super markets, and everyone would get there and they'd be sold out,” said Schuster.

And with that, Schuster said, “Lucky Yu” was born.

“I was trying to send some flowers to somebody, and being a floral person, I couldn't find an arrangement that I liked that and that wasn't a zillion dollars,” said Schuster.

After lots of experimentation, Schuster said she found the characteristics that make “Lucky Yu” distinguishable.

She uses unique flowers from a wholesaler in Bloomfield that work well together, last long, and can withstand the elements.

“I use flowers that can handle heat, and cold, and have a long life span,” she said. “This is my favorite. This is a fall plant called sapphire. Isn't it beautiful?”

As the seasons change, so do the flowers. Schuster said no two arrangements are exactly the same, but each one comes in a Chinese takeout box.

In keeping with the theme, a fortune cookie is glued to a chopstick and is added to each order and the message inside is personalized by the sender.

She uses a special mailing tube to ship the flowers, and it’s off to the lucky recipient.

“I’ve gone as far as Alaska, I’ve sent 2 to California, Iowa. Today, we're going to Providence, Hoboken,” said Schuster.

As for the name, Schuster said, “We use it as a family a lot. when something good happens, ‘Oh lucky you!’”

Also, lucky you, Schuster said she keeps the price low to encourage people to give flowers for any occasion.

“Twenty-five dollars, flat, that includes the shipping,” said Schuster. “It should be something that happens all the time, and if it's costing a hundred dollars, it's not going to happen.”

To check out to Amy’s flower arrangements, Lucky Yu, click here.

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