ENFIELD, CT (WFSB) – A local dad who is raising three kids on his own got a big boost and a big check from his mortgage company.

Mark Bodley from Enfield thought his mortgage company, Envoy Mortgage, was going to interview him for a newsletter, but they had something much bigger planned.

“We know 2020 was not easy for many, so to thank you for your valued role in our community and to make life a little easier, we are paying your next mortgage payment including tax. On behalf of all team members, we appreciate you,” Bodley read from the mortgage company.

Envoy Mortgage is splitting $150,000 between 50 of their most deserving clients around the country, and Bodley was one of them.

Bodley’s 10-year-old daughter MacKayla said no one deserves to be recognized more than her dad.

“He tries to parent us all right without anyone by his side but us, so I think that’s he’s the greatest that’s ever lived,” MacKayla said.

Mark is a single dad raising three children, 15-year-old Markus, MacKayla, and 4-year-old Michael. His wife Danielle died after sudden cardiac arrest in 2019.

“I think my dad is the most amazing dad because he deals with all this stuff and he just tries to make us happy,” MacKayla said.

One way Bodley made his kids happy was buying a new home in Enfield this past year with help from Debra Malcom at Envoy Mortgage.

“As soon as I found out I literally cried. I was emotional because of all the hundreds people I worked with, he’s definitely the top one I would have recommended,” Malcolm said.

“I’ve never had this good of a house before I would say. This house is special to us,” MacKayla said.

MacKayla misses her mom, but she still feels her presence with their family in their new home.

“I would say she’s really proud because of all that daddy did. I would say that she’s really proud of us when daddy just standed (sic) up and took care of everything,” MacKayla said.

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