HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- With the new budget passed by the General Assembly, shoppers will see a $0.10 fee on single-use plastic bags at checkout.

The fee will go into effect this July, and was included in the two-year budget approved by lawmakers this week.

After July 1, 2021, a ban on plastic bags will be implemented.

Once that happens, no retail or grocery store will be permitted to distribute single-use plastic bags at checkout.

The bill will also allow municipalities with existing bag ordinances to keep their bans.

It also allows towns to establish their own fee on paper checkout bags.

Connecticut is the third state in the country to implement a law like this. California and New York already have.

In a statement, Citizens Campaign for the Environment said they applaud CT lawmakers for taking action on plastic pollution.

“CT has an obligation to be protectors of the Long Island Sound and this bill advances that critical objective. Congratulations Connecticut! You have proven yourself once again to be a leader on fighting plastic pollution in our oceans and estuaries. This law gives consumers and businesses alike the time they need to make the switch, and the “opt-in” provision allows municipalities to promote reusable bag use by establishing their own charge on paper bags. This policy is a common sense-approach towards reducing plastic pollution in our environment, saving taxpayers money and more sustainable consumer behavior-Bringing Your Own Bag. We are thrilled that Connecticut has joined the “bag ban wagon,” CCE said.

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Jules Winnfield

Connecticut could just ban them, but no, let's find a way to rape taxpayers further first. Vote Republican next election or this state will be overrun with criminal Democrats like Jailbird Joey Ganim who want to steal even more of your money.

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