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(WFSB) – A website has ranked Connecticut among the top states to live in.

WalletHub released it’s report on 2019’s Best States to Live in on Tuesday.

The site ranks Massachusetts at the number one state to live in.

WalletHub compared the 50 states across 51 key indicators of livability. Those indicators range from housing costs and income growth to education rate and quality of hospitals.

Of those rankings, Connecticut was ranked as the 20th best state to live in.

Nebraska and South Dakota were just ahead of Connecticut on the list.

To see the full report, click here.

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CT ranked 20th... out of 50 last I checked. I'd hardly call that a "top" state or "among the best". Even 20th is far better than it should be as we, actual resident, can attest.

Jules Winnfield

Apparently WalletBum didn't see the new round of monetary rape (taxes) Drop Dead Ned unleashed on us. If our lawmakers can't do their jobs then we need to return to a per diem pay system for them. Think of the money CT will save.


Two words....yeah, right! LOL


Apparently, they didn't factor in many elements (whether exposed or hidden) in this determination. I want to know what makes this one of the best states to live in because I have some feedback on that!

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