NEW PRESTON, CT (WFSB) – 20 Towns in 20 Days headed to New Preston on Thursday, where there are many unique businesses that line the historic village.

This week’s Small Business Spotlight is D.K. Schulman Design.

"We're the color, and we're sort of that accessory piece that you put into your home, and so we're loving it,” said Dana Schulman, a former New York City fashion model from California who settled in Connecticut.

She opened D.K. Schulman Design about 16 years ago, and the road to own her own business is as unique as the business itself.

"I’ve always wanted a store, even as a little child, but I was in the fashion industry and I then left my job and retired from the fashion industry and decided to be in stationary, so for quite a few years I had a little design studio in New York and I worked with private clients and my husband said to me one day, ‘I think we're going to move, I’m going to retire and we're going to move to our house in Connecticut,’ and I kind of went like, okay,” she explained.

She moved her shop to the historic village of New Preston nine years ago.

There's lots of interesting home goods and gift ideas, and even a kids section, but she still specializes in stationary.

“There's a couple types of stores I always used liked to go in; a stationary store, a dime store, and a hardware store, don't ask me why, but I always loved creating invitations and when I decided I was just too old to be in the fashion industry and I needed to move on in my life and do something different but still being creative, I picked one of the three, I wasn't going to be a hardware store or a dime store, so I thought, I’m going to be a stationer,” Schulman said.

Since the pandemic, a lot of people have been flocking to her store for personalized stationery, journals, and fountain pens.

And customers come from near and far.

"Everybody that walks in here is, they become our friends. And not only do we get our regular customers, but we also get the weekend people that are driving up here just for the day or they're coming up for a couple of days and this is where the hotels tell them to come to,” she said. “We don't care if you come in and just walk around, you don't have to buy anything. That's not our purpose here. Our purpose is just to bring some happiness and color and joy into your life."

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