AVON, CT (WFSB) – Dom’s Coffee in Avon is a dream come true for a family from Lithuania… The American dream.

"In America, everything is like run, run, run, and you go drive through, and you drink in your car, and you eat in your car, you do everything on the way, and we kind of miss that when you go somewhere in a real place, you sit down at nice table, you drink from porcelain cups, you have conversations, you have a date with your friends, with your husband, and our dream really came true because we see so many different relationships here, and so many new relationships that are born, and we're going to the wedding parties already of our customers and it's just it's great because we wanted to bring community together and just to show people that this half hour that you would spend with someone could really be a change,” said Asta Plankiene, of Dom’s Coffee.

So Asta, her husband Andrius, and his mother Gitana opened Dom's, named for their son, Dominic.

The desire to create a space for family and friends to gather led to building a community in Avon.

"And now people coming in they say like ‘oh my God, Dom’s is like second my home,’ exactly. It should be some place in your life where you can escape and spend some time,” Andrius Plankis said.

They're supporting other small businesses, like a local artist who created the artwork on their coffee cup. It's a map of the community they hold so close to their hearts.

"Our project with our cup was other local businesses involved in that. We are very proud to be in Avon, we are very proud of all people who lives here, and we are very proud and supportive of other business. Now it's a hard job to survive, be strong,” they said. “We will not survive without each other's support so it's like a map for the people who coming from maybe from different places, and this is places we love, we trust, and please go, if you're supporting us, please go and support them as well."

People come from all over for their coffee and homemade food.

"From the sandwiches, definitely the turkey apple panini, this is our best seller signature sandwich mom makes a special sauce that goes in it and it's just really to die for,” Asta said.

The honey latte is unique to Dom’s, and the charcoal mocha is another really popular menu item.

The pastries are also all baked fresh daily.

They also sell cheese, and soon, they'll open a creamery next door.

Lots of big plans in the works.

"Our biggest power is us, together. Exactly. Family. With our baristas, our baristas are family too,” Asta said.

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