BRISTOL, CT (WFSB) - What started as a side hustle is now a career.

Dusty Dude Woodworks set up shop in Bristol and husband and wife team Eric and Care Verikas are enjoying every minute of it.

Eric does most of the wood work.

“I feel like a little kid. I’m just building stuff all day," Eric explained.

While Care has an extensive background in marketing.

“We went to some breweries and we were at the dog park just talking, and I was like, 'I really think this could be it. We could make something really cool together. I can brand it, you can build, and we can just have fun and we can kind of see where it goes', and it went," Care stated.

Now, they’re doing a lot of custom work and bulk orders.

“Some of the smaller things, like cutting boards, charcuterie boards, flight boards, things like that, but we do a lot of barn doors, we do a lot of mud room units, dining room tables, we’ve got a pair of desks we’re working on right now, mantles, book cases. There’s really no end to it. If it’s made out of wood, we’ll make it," continued Eric.

And they’re getting ready to add a showroom where people can come shop for gift items, including from other local vendors.

The goal is to have that open by April.

“We want to grow. We want to be able to get to a point where we can have our own small lumber yard in the area, one for people to come and buy lumber, and two for us so we can have an unlimited supply of what we need, and ideally a street frontage would be huge. That’s our big goal," said Eric.

But regardless of where they’re working, they pride themselves on the quality of their work.

“If you buy something from us, it’s something you’re going to have, I would say, almost forever," added Eric.

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