EAST WINDSOR, CT (WFSB) - A unique shop in East Windsor just opened up in May and the owner is filling it with things she loves, and hopes you do as well.

Small Business Spotlight

"I love shopping at stores like this and I don't like spending a ton of money on things. Whether you can afford it or not, I think certain people just like certain different kind of stores and this is my kind of store," owner Amy Azzara tells us.

Home decor, jewelry, and gift items. Chances are you can find something at Funky Finds.

"It's very unique. You're not going to find a lot of the stuff here anywhere else and I really try to do that with all the things that I buy," stated Azzara.

Amy says they're adding gold buying on days the shop isn't open and that's not all...

"Funky Finds Boutique is the shop and Funky Finds services is handyman services, as well as interior house painting," explained Azzara.

She and her mom can often be found working together.

Azzara says this was something she's always wanted to do and she finally made it happen, which is important for her to show her three sons.

"I want to teach them that passion is important, but also follow through and actually doing the things you want to do and don't wait forever," said Azzara.

She also says customers shouldn't wait forever to pick up some of these one-of-a-kind pieces, like a wine cart or a vintage phone table refinished in a neon green.

Azzara says jewelry has really been flying off the shelves.

"Jewelry is really popular. That's why I'm extending that. Also, the signs with sayings, those are very popular and we just started carrying incense and sage, and things like that, so we're just really trying to feel it out, what everybody wants," Azzara added.

After just a few months in business, Azzara says word of mouth referrals are finally starting to pick up, something she hopes continues.


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