HARTFORD, CT (WFSB0 -- So many business owners are stepping up and working harder than ever to keep the doors open.

But there are many businesses that were born out of the pandemic, like Hartford Handmade, where the owner is looking to give back to the community in more ways than one.

Sarah Lamb has been making paper and glass art since she was young, but when the pandemic hit, she realized she could turn her art into a business with the newly found free time.

“I don't sit still very well. I work as an engineer full time for a medical device company. So, we're work from home indefinitely at this point, and I’m also a pro-race mechanic for cycling races, so if you've seen the Tour De France, there's the yellow car that follows the riders if a bike breaks somebody jumps out of the car, that's me,” Lamb explained.

As someone who normally keeps very busy, she turned her art into Hartford Handmade, and now she’s selling pieces online.

"I kind of look at it like, these are things that I would give or like to receive as a gift. And to try and pair things together, like ‘hey, here's a sweet little card of a plant and here's the plant to go with it,’ right. So, it's matched like that,” she said.

She sells beautifully made cards that she calls frame worthy, and she sells house plants.

She added that she’s been creating baby shower gifts and wedding favors too.

"Custom pieces. It's really bring your ideas, and we'll figure it out. I'm always up for a challenge with that, so anything from a small suncatcher, to something I’ve made already could be re-made in different colors or textures, all the way up to larger wall hangings,” she said.

Lamb said her favorite piece to date is a 3-foot leg lamp replica from the movie ‘A Christmas Story.’

But with each piece she sells, she's donating money to local charities, like the Connecticut Animal House, the Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program, and the Clean Earth Project.

"I don't sit still well, so this has kind of become a great creative outlet for me that will hopefully do some good in the world,” Lamb said. "If I can, you know, help somebody smile, bring a little joy, and give back at the same time that's a win for me."

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