VERNON, CT (WFSB) - Vinyl has made a resurgence in the last several years, with many current and new artists selling albums on digital and vinyl only.

With the pandemic, many music lovers have found themselves digging through old record collections and even some younger fans have discovered an old way to listen to tunes.

Classic rock and roll, classic cover art, and vinyl spinning on the turntable at Records - The Good Kind in Vernon.

Ian Schlein says he's seen a surprising uptick in business since reopening during the pandemic.

"I knew records had "come back", but I thought it was kind of peaking, but then the pandemic happened and I think I've never seen so many young people looking for records, because really there's nothing to do now. People are home listening to music," Schlein tells us.

Collectibles in general have done well as more people spend more time at home, but Schlein says there's just something special about discovering music.

"I've never seen so many people interested in so many different kinds of music, like I feel when I was a kid, you sort of defined yourself more by what kind of music you were into and now I feel like people are way more open minded and if it's good, it's good in whatever genre," stated Schlein.

Ian says good music doesn't stay on the shelves for long.

Fleetwood Mac's Rumors is always in high demand and people will call asking for other classics, like Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon or anything Billy Joel, but if you take a look around, there's a lot of music filling old milk cartons and boxes.

"We have a large new arrivals section. It's like eight rows of stuff that's just come in and it's all mixed up. I think that's really important, because you don't want repeat customers to not have to look through every single thing they've already looked at every time they come in, so stuff stays in there for a few weeks before it gets sorted into the sections by genre and alphabetized," explained Schlein.

Records - The Good Kind sells mostly used music, things you might have sitting on shelves at home right now collecting dust.

From cassette tapes and CD's, to 45's, 8 tracks, and, of course, vinyl, Schlein has something for just about everyone.

He thinks people continue to search for something normal and searching for an album or a perfect song is one way to help people feel connected.


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