SOMERS, CT (WFSB) – The pandemic has taken a big toll on small businesses, which is why Channel 3 is visiting different spots each week to see how they’re surviving and thriving.

Sonny’s Place in Somers is an amusement park built on farmland and was named for the owner’s father. It’s pretty safe to say anyone could find something fun to do there.

“We’ve got things for the smaller kids, we’ve got you know, the carousel is good for anyone, but we’ve got the playland and the up to adults, we have a live music series that’s free that happens every Friday through Sunday in the summer,” said Chris Shaw.

Other activities include go-karts, virtual reality, a dark ride theater, batting cages, a climbing wall, and mini golf.

“You can hang out for a few hours in the arcade. Our laser tag games are actually 45-minute sessions, so that would be a good afternoon trip for you know, pretty much anyone,” Shaw said.

Even though the pandemic forced Sonny’s Place to close for a few months last year, this year, business is booming.

“Our event bookings are definitely picking up quite a bit and birthday parties have been extremely popular this year, so it definitely seems like people are trying to get back out of their houses after losing a summer basically last year,” Shaw said.

The weather has also been fairly cooperative. Summer-like days are bringing people out to have a little fun and at Sonny’s Place, which opened back in 2008, there’s usually something new to do each year.

“We’ve definitely grown up. We started out with just the driving range here and added miniature golf and basically have expanded a new attraction a year. Some years, more than that, so we’re definitely a place the whole family can come and have a great time,” Shaw said.

The driving range closed in 2014 to make room for all the other activities as they continue to look forward.

Sonny’s Place is following all the CDC and state guidelines to keep people safe and say they’re excited to have things feel more normal this summer.


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