HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- So many business owners are stepping up and working harder than ever, like Spirited Touch Designs in Hartford.

Marilyn Holt creates art out of everyday objects, coffee and tea scoops, pens and pencils, and bar tools.

"What I think is so important in life, and I guess this is an artist's perspective, is to have beautiful things around you all the time. Why not,” she explained.

Holt created Spirited Touch Designs in 2016, and said during the pandemic she realized more than ever that we all need some inspiration.

"I think that's especially true during COVID where we were shut off from the outside and shut off from things that were extraordinary; movies, art, being able to go into a museum, clothing stores, things like that, so I found it was ever more important than ever to bring things that are accessible into your home,” Holt said.

She uses wood and acrylic, or a combo of the two, to create one-of-a-kind pieces she sells online, at craft shows, and at her showroom in Hartford.

"I have always been interested in doing things with my hands, and oddly enough, massage therapy has helped in that because there's certain amount of intuition that goes into any kind of work that we do, and I get intuition mostly through my hands,” Holt said.

She uses a lathe to get the desired shape, and then multiple levels of sanding and polishing.

"I can start with the darkest, bleakest, boring looking blank, and then the grain of the wood pops up as I’m turning it and sanding it and it's just so amazing,” she said.

The pandemic might have made it more difficult to sell her products, and more difficult to connect with people.

"It made it more challenging. It's always hard to sell art online. And I, as a purchaser, really have to pick something up to really experience it. It's really hard online to convey that kind of work. And I spend a lot of time not just making my things, but photographing them too, and trying to get the color just right, so when someone does buy it and they get it, it's what it looked like online to a great degree,” Holt said.

She says it gave her a reason to keep searching for inspiration.

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