MYSTIC, CT (WFSB) – There’s a very unique new shop that recently opened up in Mystic Village.

While the spooky season is upon us, customers can get into the spirit anytime at The Cloak and Wand in Mystic.

"We are a fantasy, witching and wizarding store. We like all things escapism, majestic and fantastical here,” explained Shannon Rogers.

It has been a fun place for people of all ages to take a break from the real world during the pandemic.

“I think this last year and a half has been hard on everybody, and with a store like this kind of opening mid-way through the pandemic it gave people an opportunity to leave all of that behind at the door and come in here and forget and just be amongst all of the amazing stuff we have in here,” Rogers said.

The shop just opened in May, but already has become a destination for people.

"The response has been so overwhelmingly positive from the community both near and far. We've had so many people come and travel just to see us, and now we just launched our online store so people all over the country can still enjoy the store from far away,” Rogers said.

It’s quite an experience, as customers can see moving pictures, or Hade’s fireplace.

Or, take a seat, if you dare, in Mr. Oberon Trevils' chair.

"The story is Mr. Oberon Trevils, so his photo is right there, he tried making a potion. It went awry, he accidentally turned himself into that chair. So, if you sit on him, he does get a little bit angry with you, or he might be in a good mood today, we don't know,” she added.

Another big draw for customers are the custom wands made here in Connecticut. There’s also the potion bar.

“So you can make custom sodas or custom hot chocolates. We have over 60 flavors, you can totally make whatever you want, and we just make it really magical. Each potion has a different effect based on what flavors you pick so it's a really fun time,” Rogers said.

They’re also gearing up for more fun times this Halloween.

“We are turning our store into a haunted shop. So, during the day it's still going to remain as it is, very kid friendly. At night, after 6, it's going to get a lot more spooky and scary, different decorations, the whole store is going to be different at night,” Rogers said.

She added that being in Mistick Village is a magical place to be.

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