PLAINVILLE, CT (WFSB) – This week, Small Business Spotlight heads to Plainville to check in with The Maine Attraction Tailor.

“Tailoring is actually something I just picked up on my own. I would always go buy suits off the rack and they would never fit how I wanted them to, so I just went and bought a sewing machine and just tried my luck and it just worked out,” said tailor Brandon Council.

He said it was a lot of trial and error, he had a couple of internships and worked in a men’s clothing store where he fell in love with the process.

“I do a lot of custom designs, custom tailoring, anything from it could be a custom shirt, if you want a custom tie it could be that, a custom suit, tuxedo, so just, whatever you would like,” he said.

And when he means whatever you would like, he can take clothes you have and just make them fit a little better, or he can take your vision for a new suit or tux and make it come to life.

He is a stylist.

Explaining the details of a custom suit he was wearing, he said “It’s a blue and gold jacquard, actually the lining on the inside is cigars, my uncle actually got me into cigars so I actually fell in love with that now so I decided to honor him and so I was like ok, I did a cigar lining.”

Council recently started doing custom shoes as well.

“I mean, you can design everything from the sole to the bottom of the shoe to lace color, everything,” he said.

Council flips through books full of material, plaids, velvets, pinstripes, you name it.

“Creativity. I love trying stuff, I love being creative, so in my own space, it just gives me that room and that freedom to just kind of do what I want to do and it’s awesome,” he explained.

Council said sometimes inspiration strikes. His wife Maria helps him with every aspect of his business.

“Sometimes I’ll wake up early in the morning and I’ll tap my wife and I’ll be like ‘hey, can you sketch this out?’ she does all my sketching, which is great. And I’m like, ‘hey can you do this,’ and it kind of just comes to life that way,” Council said.

His vision has really come to life and he has big plans for the future.

“Looking to do some fashion shows here coming up soon,” he said. “Business has been picking up and I’m excited. I’m really excited to be where I am,” bringing New York City fashion to Connecticut.

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