COLCHESTER, CT (WFSB) - Almost a year and a half into the pandemic, things are looking up, but we're still washing our hands a lot.

One local company in Colchester is turning soap into a luxury.

Small Business Spotlight

"It's a usable product that people need anyway and it's also kind of a special little treat to buy yourself, a nice bar of Artisan soap," Jessica Eveleigh of Treefort Naturals tells us.

Jessica started Treefort Naturals out of her kitchen a little more than nine years ago, because she wanted a clean, natural product for her family.

"My family uses all the products. My kids use the soap head to toe so we don't have shampoo bottles in our showers. We use everything. Everything's multi purpose, multi use, and can be used by anyone really," Eveleigh stated.

Now, they have lots of wholesale accounts and during the pandemic, they turned to online sales to get customers handcrafted soaps and bath items, like face masks, bath salts, and scrubs.

"We're super transparent with all our ingredients. Everything's listed on all the labels and because we don't use a lot of typically allergenic ingredients, most people can find something that works for them here," continued Eveleigh.

Eveleigh says they make around 20,000 bars of soap every year.

The whole process takes a while.

"I spend all day Tuesday and Thursday making the soap and Heather spends a good part of Wednesdays and Fridays cutting it, so it needs that full about twenty-four hours to set up and firm up. When I pour it into those molds, it's in liquid form and then it firms up enough to cut. After that, it goes on these racks and they have to cure for about four to six weeks, so they're not ready for use for a little over a month," Eveleigh said.

But once it's ready, you can pick it up and lather away.

Lavender is one of their most popular bars.

She says the key to a good bar of soap is a good bubble with a fresh, natural fragrance, which is basically the whole idea behind Treefort Naturals.

"It's all about the wonder of the woods. Pure and simple goodness makes me think of my childhood, spending time in the woods, and all those natural things that bring simple joy," added Eveleigh.


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