WEST HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – From time to time, we all have some unwelcome guest in our home, but that was taken to the next level in West Hartford.

A video taken by a homeowner on Westmont Street shows a black rat snake found on a shelf in their garage.

"I thought why is the hose over there when Gracy's holding the hose over there," said Brigitte Slavin, who found the snakes. "And then it moved and I realized it was a snake."

It was one of three snakes removed from that home in West Hartford this week.

"The snakes went in between these two pails and then up the pegboard," Slavin said.

She wasn't sure what to do.

"Papa wanted to kill it and I said 'no it's God’s creation,'" said Grace Reiss, who also found the snakes.

The snake climbed up the wall and into the rafters.

The Children’s Museum of West Hartford was called to save the day and retrieve the snakes, which could be scary to look at, but are harmless.

“If you find a snake in or around your house, you’re always welcome to call us here at the Children’s Museum, even if it’s just sending a picture to find out what type of snake it is. Because that can help determine if you, yourself, can move it off your property because most snakes want nothing to do with you,” said Nick Barnett, of The Children’s Museum.

Black rat snakes like to live in homes near water.

The Slavins live near a reservoir.

"This is the time of year when snakes are leaving their winter dens to find places to lay eggs or mate and lay eggs," said Nick Barnett of the Children's Museum.

Barnett did not find any eggs in this case.

"I was scared at first then I was happy," Reiss said. "I wanted it to be my pet snake."

The family wasn't alone. Snakes got into two other homes in West Hartford this week.

One of the snakes was even 7 feet long.

To find out more about rat snakes, click here.

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