NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) -- While Gov. Ned Lamont has not rolled out his full plan for tolls yet, more details were released on Monday.

The governor has been traveling around the state, pushing for electronic tolling.

On Monday he was in New Haven at Union Station.

"This, right where we are at Union Station will be the transportation hub for our state,” Lamont said.

The governor has been heavy on pushing, but light on details. However, he’s willing to give CT residents a little break.

The plan is still for 50 gantries on the major highways – I-84, I-95, I-91 & Route 15.

Gov. Lamont is now prepared to give up to a 50% discount for some CT commuters and high users, $1 bus fares, and a reduction in the gas tax.

These details are important, especially if Lamont wants Democrats to back him up on this.

"Our plan calls for a small decrease in the gas tax once we get tolls up and operating,” Lamont said.

"We are going to need a reliable and a sustainable source of funding,” said Joe Giulietti, of the CT Dept. of Transportation.

Not one Republican is willing to support tolls.

"This governor is starting to realize pretty soon that sound bites work in an election, but when you have to governor, you need to give the details,” said Republican State Rep. Vinnie Candelora.

But the Republican plan has its own critics. They want to borrow $750 million for transportation, and tolls would put some of the burden on out of state drivers.

A vote for tolls could turn up the heat for Democrats during election time.

"We as legislators are very much in touch with the community. We are listening to both sides of the arguments, so we clearly have to be part of the conversation with the governor to make the best decision,” said Democratic State Senator Anwar Saud.

Lamont said he is still hopeful he can get enough support for tolls, but expects Republicans to filibuster.

The session will be over in about three weeks, and it's possible tolls could be decided in a special session.

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Some? Wonder if the politicians pay will pay for the toll.

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