PLAINVILLE, CT (WFSB) - Dozens of young athletes in Plainville learned they won't be able to compete for their school next year. 

Voters approved a new budget, which effectively eliminated several middle school sports. 

People voted on Tuesday at the Plainville Fire Department on West Main Street.

The Town Council in Plainville recently approved the $100,000 reduction to the board's budget.

According to the Board of Education, the budget passed, which caused three springtime sports to be cut at the middle school. 

The spring sports cut are softball, track and field, and baseball. 

As of now, golf and tennis have not been cut from the middle school spring sports schedule. 

The vote passed 836 to 369 on Tuesday night. 

Voters were worried that rejecting the budget could have actually put more sports programs on the chopping block. 

"I thought it was unfair. Middle school sports helps a lot of kids," said Tayla Torres, middle school softball player. 

Nicole Palmieri is the Vice Chair of the Plainville Board of Education. She was against slashing the budget, but urged residents to approve the plan because if they voted it down, town council would have had to set the budget, which Palmieri feared could have led to more cuts. 

"I've definitely slot nights of sleep thinking about what we have to do with the budget. None of us take any of these cuts lightly," Palmieri said. 

The prior proposal would have cut $200,000 overall, including two-thirds of the middle school sports budget. 

Cutting the budget by $100,000 instead of $200,000 will also allow the district to fill newly created social studies and special education teacher positions. 

There is a chance that the affected teams could still be saved through private fundraisers. 

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