WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) – Some in the Waterbury area are having trouble getting their second dose of the vaccine when their appointments were set up with a different provider from their first dose.

This week, several people were scheduled to get their second dose of the vaccine at Waterbury Health’s vaccine clinic at Post University.

Over the weekend, Waterbury Health informed them they would be turned away because they got their first dose with a different provider.

One woman who was affected helped schedule both of her grandmother’s vaccine appointments. The first one was at Saint Mary’s.

“I can’t imagine if my grandmother was trying to figure this out for herself, or especially if she showed up to get her second dose at Waterbury and they said no, you have to go back to where you got your first one,” the woman said.

The woman scheduled both appointments through VAMS and says if there’s a rule like this, it should be more apparent.

“It’s not like it only locks you into, you can only schedule a second dose at the same facility. You have the opportunity to schedule it at any number of sites,” the woman explained.

Waterbury Health says this happened because of a state guideline where each vaccine facility is allotted enough second doses to cover all first doses given.

In a statement, they say they successfully petitioned the state to get more vaccines this week to cover patients who got their first dose with a different provider, but it also said, “state officials have indicated to us that the state continues to uphold its policy that all second doses need to be completed at the same facility as the first dose.”

The two women who reached out to Channel 3 with this issue were eventually able to schedule their second dose appointment with Saint Mary’s through VAMS.

Anyone who runs into this issue in the future is encouraged to call the state’s COVID-19 vaccine hotline at 877-918-2224.


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