SOMERS, CT (WFSB) – A picture posted on social media of a Somers student portraying black face is under investigation.

The superintendent, Brian Czapla, released a statement on Monday saying the picture was posted over the weekend by a high school student.

“We do not condone any type of racism, bigotry, or hateful actions towards individuals or groups. This is not the type of behavior or beliefs we expect from our students,” Czapla said in the statement.

The girl had on black face in the post along with the ""n" word. 

"You knew what you were doing, you're not five, your 17-years-old. You knew what you were doing when you put that on your face. You knew what you were doing when you took a picture of it, and you definitely knew what you were doing when you posted it for everyone to see," said Ashanti Brown. 

Ashanti Brown is a junior at Somers High School. As an African American, she's greatly offended by the post that was made Friday, along with a video posted by the same student that showed her and other students wearing black face. 

"When I saw it, I was like, 'here we go again,'" Brown said. 

Two years ago, Somers High School was rocked by another racial scandal after a white student referred to Brown's friend, 2017 Somers graduate, Zamani Simpson, as an "n word" in a text. 

Simpson said these kinds of incidents are leaving lasting scars. 

"When I was around people I was angry, but behind closed doors I would cry, I would be upset, but there't not much I can do about it," Simpson said. 

Simpson said the student who used that slur two years ago only received a three-day suspension, which further inflamed racial tensions at the school. 

"They'll never understand what it feels like to be a minority in a school with not a bunch of people, but a specific group of people that hate you for absolutely no reason other than the color of your skin. That's hurtful," said Brown. 

Brown hopes this incident will served as a wake-up call, especially because she has a little brother who also attends the school. 

"It would break my heart if they had to go through half of the stuff that I went through. My brother's a freshman. He shouldn't worry about being called the n-word or be scared to go to school just because he's black," Brown said. 

The name of the student has not been released.

Stay tuned to Ch. 3 for updates on this story.

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This has ZERO!! to do with the school. They should not get involved


It is truly amazing how utterly dim-witted some people can be.


as a point of reference to folks from other parts of the state...somers is a very rich, very white town near enfield and the mass border.

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