HARTFORD (WFSB) – Something’s Cooking takes us to Hartford where we check out the American and Mexican Diner.

What began as a food truck is now a thriving restaurant. Ayah Galal spoke with the owners and employees of the eatery.

When the pandemic struck - Jhovani Diaz and his brother lost their jobs.

“They were worried about how to pay the bills and how to support the family,” Irene Diaz said.

Jhovani has always been passionate about cooking -- so he and his family started a food truck operating on summit street in Hartford. The family cooked up tacos, quesadillas and burritos.

“We had to give something to Hartford that nobody has,” Irene Diaz said. “And they had the idea to make the taco with the dipping sauce and everyone loves it.”

The food truck was a hit and thanks to the support of loyal customers - they were able to open a restaurant on Hartford’s Zion Street.

“I love it. I love cooking and thank god now we have a little business,” Jhovani Diaz said.

The American and Mexican diner expanded the food truck menu to include more breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

The tasty and flavorful menu embraces both American and Mexican cuisines.

“Little breakfast mexican dishes like chilaquiles, little bit tostados, crunchy tortilla, shredded chicken,” Jhovani Diaz said. “Our breakfast menu is very big. We have different types of french toast, waffles, pancakes, eggs, you name it.”

There are also beautifully designed milkshakes on the menu.

Jonivan davis’s favorite item is the buffalo mac and cheese.

If you’re torn about what you want -- no need to worry.

“Whatever you want, the chef is going to make it happen,” Davis said.

The food is delicious, but employees say there’s something else that makes the meals at the American and Mexican diner special.

“I think it’s because they put a lot of love into everything,” Rosmary Pocasangre said.

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