MERIDEN, CT (WFSB) -- Something’s Cooking headed to Meriden this week to check out a business that is making sure nobody has to choose between a good book and a good meal.

The old books on the shelves at Huxley's Bookmark Café make you feel like you’re in a library.

The family photos make it seem more like a friend's house, and the piano out front is reminiscent of a music venue.

But all you have to do is peer back into the kitchen, or take a single bite of the delicious food, and you'll know you're at Huxley's Bookmark Café in Meriden.

“It’s nice and cozy here, it’s nicely decorated, the staff is wonderful, very nice, and the food is good and we don’t get rushed through breakfast, which is wonderful,” said Janice Beaucar, who is a regular.

If you’re willing to indulge, order the chicken and waffles special. Or, for a healthier treat, try one of Huxley’s signature veggie omelets.

Best of all, Luann Graham said Huxley’s staff does a great job making everyone feel secure in these crazy times.

“The reason I come here is because I know they adhere to the regulations and they keep the customers safe,” Graham said.

Owner Dimitrios Klonaras said slowly but surely his most loyal customers have helped Huxley’s weather the storm. It's made him realize he doesn't just own a restaurant, he was lucky enough to build a community that cares.

“I’ve had regulars coming in daily and if they aren’t dining in, they’ve been picking up once or twice a day, which was very important. I was very thankful,” Klonaras said.

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