EAST HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Ever try a guava and cheese pastry with a cup of coffee? Well, that is on the menu for today’s Somethings Cooking.

The place is called Rosa's Cafe and Bakery and it’s all about family.

Laurie Janecko said, “they cook very well, better than I do.”

From daunts to danishes, Rosa’s has it all and with a twist.

Edna Cruz is a co-owner.

Se said, “We are Puerto Rican so there has to be a little bit of Spanish into it.”

A Latino influence that comes from Rosa herself- a grandma, mom and amazing cook that lost her battle with Alzheimer’s last month.

 Cruz said, “she always wanted to open a place. So, it was a lifelong dream for her, and we wanted to make it a reality. And make sure to let her know before she left that her dream came to reality.”

Edna Cruz says her mom saw the new place which opened amid the pandemic.

She believes, despite the memory loss, Rosa felt her dream come true.

Now the family makes it their job to keep the cooking legacy on. 

Stephanie Colon is a baker.

She said, “this is where I got my love for baking was from her. That's why I named the bakery after her. I can continue to enjoy these and think of her. This had to be on the menu when we first opened. We have to make the guava and cheese pastelitos that grandma was making growing up.”

Stephanie starts baking these guava and cheese puffs at 3 am. An iconic Puerto Rican pastry with grandma’s secret kick.

These Cuban sandwiches are also a fan favorite - mustard - pickles - pork - ham all inside a bread.

“We have tried it all. The Cubans are great. I think I have tried every one of their pastries,” said Janecko.

Everything here is fresh and made daily. Whether it’s a quick breakfast or a place to catch up, Rosas is ready for you.

“Give us a chance to show you what great food looks like with a little bit of a Puerto Rican flare. Made with a little bit of guava little adobo. Lots of adobo in many of our dishes.”

If you want to get a taste of the pastelillos come on down to Rosa’s Cafe and Bakery.

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