SOUTHINGTON, CT (WFSB) - If you’re near Southington’s linear trail, you’ll get a a whiff of an American favorite, barbecue.

Chris Conlon can smoke anything.

Something's Cooking Generic


"We do ribs. We do chicken," noted Conlon.

Texas-style brisket, wings, and meatloaf like you’ve never tasted before.

"And we flatten it on a sheet pan and then we put Virginia ham on top of that, and then smoked gouda and then you pinwheel this up," explained Conlon.

Cover it in bacon, smoke it, and finish it with barbecue gravy.

He loves smoking meats so much, he opened up Smokin’ with Chris fifteen years ago, but his passion turned business began years ago in another lifetime.

"I was actually a firefighter and I was doing a lot of the cooking at the firehouses," says Conlon.

And smoking food every chance he could. We wanted to know could this popular barbecue restaurant in New England rival the south?

It's finger-licking good. Pair it with a southern staple like collard greens and you won’t stop eating.

Mac and cheese, cornbread, and baked beans keep people coming back for more.

"I had a pork sandwich, which was excellent, excellent, excellent, with salad and baked beans," Joseph Feola of Southington said.

"Good food. Good people. Great service. It’s just a dynamite atmosphere," Jonathan Dunham of Meriden noted.

If you’re a loyal customer, then you’re thirsting to know when the Fall favorites are coming back.

"'Hey, when are you bringing back the jambalaya?', and I’m saying, 'Hey, this is the weather when we start to bring back the jambalaya'," Conlon added.

Smoked beef stew is also returning. Here, a trip to the south is found in every bite.


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