NEW BRITAIN, CT (WFSB) – This week, 20 Towns visits New Britain. While we were there, we stopped in at The Belvedere, a Polish eatery.

The Belvedere is a hidden gem located on Broad Street. Ela Konferowicz, owner, opened the restaurant in 2011. “I think with the atmosphere that we have right now at the bar, at the restaurant, I think that people love it,” says Konferowicz. The restaurant now has an outdoor patio, with drapes and fire pits. She is also putting in a secret garden in the back of the building, so people can stay longer on colder nights.

Konferowicz has made a lot of changes to the restaurant since the pandemic, but the one thing they didn’t change, was their authentic recipes.

“Our most popular menu is beef tripe, we have potato pancakes with fresh smoked salmon, we have sheep cheese, it’s grilled served with cranberry sauce, and of course what American people like the best is the polish later. It’s combined with the kielbasa, perogies, potato pancakes, stuffed cabbage, but also we have Hungarian Goulash and we have more like, not only like Polish food, but more European food also,” says Konferowicz.

Chef Bart Gluszcyk is the head chef at The Belvedere. Gluszcyk tries to accommodate everyone’s dietary needs. “Potato pancakes are gluten free because we can do either gluten free or regular with the flour,” says Chef Bart.

“We have the best chef, and we are trying to accommodate everybody with their taste,” Konferowicz says. She adds that she has the best customers as well. “We are like big family so we know a lot of customers by name, we have a lot of people they’re actually coming every day, sometimes twice a day for like lunch and dinner,” says Konferowicz.


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