NEW CANAAN, CT (WFSB) - A criminal investigation and search continued Thursday in connection with a missing mother from New Canaan.

Law enforcement sources close to the investigation tell Eyewitness News they are now treating the disappearance of 50-year-old Jennifer Dulos as a homicide. 

State police teams returned to Waveny Park and surrounding areas to look for Dulos, who was reported missing six days ago.

Sources say blood was found during the search for Dulos, but no additional details have been provided. 

Jennifer Dulos was reported missing from New Canaan on Friday, May 24. She is a mother to five children, all of whom are safe with family.

She was last seen that day, driving a 2017 black Chevrolet Suburban.

Her car was later found on Lapham Road near Waveny Park, however she was not inside.

Multiple crews have been searching the area since.

During the search of the park on Wednesday, police were assisted by a drone from the Norwalk Police Dept. and an aviation unit from New York State Police.

As crews search, police said a criminal investigation is being conducted concurrently to determine if she was the victim of foul play or intentional harm.

New Canaan police said a search of a home occurred in Pound Ridge, New York on Thursday with New York State Police. 

No additional details of the search in New York have been provided. 

Before living in New Canaan, Jennifer Dulos and her family lived in Farmington.

She had recently moved to Fairfield County while going through a divorce, which had been going on for about two years.

According to documents available at the Court's Law Library in New Britain, there was supposed to be a hearing on Wednesday, but that was postponed.

There are almost 500 court filings of their divorce.

A statement issued by the family and friends of Dulos said "Those who know Jennifer know her to be a devoted mother; an extremely thoughtful, reliable, and organized woman; and attest that she would never, ever, disappear when she is responsible for the lives of five loving and energetic children. Jennifer is gentle, kind, intelligent, and funny, and above all she prioritizes the health and happiness of her children. She and the children have been embraced by the New Canaan Country School community, where they have made good friends and are active in athletics and arts."

According to the court documents, Jennifer Dulos has been married to Fotis Dulos since 2004.

He's a developer who builds luxury homes, and owner of a building company called the Fore Group.

As for Jennifer, she's a writer and blogger.

They have two sets of twins and another child together, all under the age of 13.

A letter Fotis’ attorney sent to the court two days ago said all five children were brought to Jennifer's mother’s home in New York City. 

They’ve also hired an armed guard.

The attorney also mentions how the court needs to take action on the custody of the children.

Nothing else has been filed since this letter.

The children did go to Renbrook School in West Hartford since kindergarten, but now attend school in New Canaan.

Before the divorce proceedings, the family lived on a private road in Farmington. The home is currently on the market for more than $4 million.

In March of 2017, she said she discovered her husband was "having an affair. He admitted to the relationship."

In June of 2017, Jennifer Dulos told the court she discovered he "purchased a handgun," and that her husband became "enraged... stood inches from her face and berated her. He followed her upstairs and trapped her in a bedroom, physically intimidating her."

Court documents go on to say Fotis Dulos says differently.

He mentioned he "legally purchased a gun because he wanted to learn how to use a firearm in case he needed to protect his family."

However, "after notice of this proceeding, defendant turned the gun in to the Farmington Police Department."

She also claimed her husband "made a specific threat to kidnap the children" and that he "applied for Greek passports for himself and the minor children."

However, he said he "has never made any threat to kidnap the children" and "has never applied for Greek passports for the children."

The court documents go on to say "Based on Defendant's/Husband Greek heritage, in April, 2015, an application for Greek citizenship for the minor children was made with the consultation and approval of the Plaintiff/Wife."

In June of 2017, the court ordered for the minor's passports to be turned over.

Jennifer had later decided to rent a home in New Canaan.

Another court case involves Fotis Dulos, showing he borrowed $1.7 million from his father-in-law.

He paid back $500,000 but claims the rest was a gift. His mother-in-law is suing him, claiming it wasn't.

Jennifer's father passed away in 2017. He was the owner of a brokerage firm.

Earlier this month, Jennifer questioned her husband's finances in court paperwork.

He states his assets are just over $363,000.

Her attorney argues that her husband "seeks to hide the true value of the business."

On Wednesday, one of Jennifer's close friends spoke with Eyewitness News.

Carrie Luft has been Jennifer's close friend for nearly 30 years and spoke out on behalf of the family. 

"She is an incredibly loyal person. We miss her immensely," Luft said. 

Even during trying times, Luft said Jennifer put her children first. 

"She's incredibly devoted to her five children, they are her world. Obviously, she has lots of friends and she does lots of other things, but her kids are her focus," Luft said. 

Despite the grief, Luft said she's speaking out in the hope that someone, somewhere knows something that could help police.

"I think it's vital to get this story out there," Luft said. 

Luft said Jennifer's children are devastated and miss their mother.

"The support from the greater community people who know Jennifer people who don’t know Jennifer that has been immensely inspiring and it absolutely is keeping us going," she said. "We have every hope that she will return home safely."

Anyone who may have had contact with her or has any information should contact police at 203-594-3544.

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(4) comments


It's been too long for this mother of 5 to be missing. I fear a bad outcome. There will possibly be 5 kids going through the trauma of this nasty episode. I certainly hope I'm wrong and that she's alive and well. This kind of situation is too prevalent in today's society.




It does not matter in this situation if a person is rich or poor, there are many middle class and poor people in the same boat as this woman, going through a nasty divorce, with cheating involved, and violence. I feel so sorry for her probably lost her life in a domestic violence situation happening to all types of families, white, black, Spanish, greek, etc. Rich and poor. This needs to stop and people should care no one should have to die cause of a divorce situation. And I feel so sorry for the kids cause they probably lost their mom cause I am sure she would have not deserted them most moms would do anything for their kids. And it is probably the husband who is responsible or maybe he borrowed money for a hitman. But he is still responsible. So what is going to happened to these young kids is they won't have either parent. The kids don't deserve that either no matter if rich or poor. Obviously the other person who wrote a comment is a jealous person and has no compassion for a person that might have lost their life in a domestic violent way.


Meh... 1st world, rich people's problems,.... not interested.
"...2017 black Chevrolet Suburban."
"He's a developer who builds luxury homes."
"...the family lived on a PRIVATE road in Farmington."
"The home is ..more than $4 million."
"...he borrowed $1.7 million from his father-in-law"
"hand gun, passports,affairs, threats, foul play,lawsuits, etc. etc.
Reads like a crime of passion drama novel. I wouldn't even watch the Hollywood movie that spawns from this.

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