SOUTHINGTON, CT (WFSB) – It was the first day for all students across the state to turn to online learning.

Over the weekend, Governor Ned Lamont ordered all schools in Connecticut be closed for the next two weeks.

Channel 3 got a look at what the digital classroom looks like for a Southington family.

Jane Emmendorfer, her twins, and 20 others just got back from a vacation.

“We went to Disney for a few days, came home, kids went back to school, it was all great until just recently,” Emmendorfer said.

Days were centered around getting the kids to school, practices, games, or as Emmendorfer says, their “chaotic life.”

“We’re always on the go. If we could just have a day or two. I didn’t mean for weeks,” Emmendorfer said.

Life is different now for the Emmendorfer family.

“It’s overwhelming. It’s overwhelming to say the least,” Emmendorfer said.

Their kitchen is now Drew and Harley’s 5th grad classroom for at least two weeks.

“We sat down and I asked them what their school schedule was and what days they have specials,” Emmendorfer said.

Their teacher at Oshana Elementary is posting assignments on Google Classroom.

“So, it will make life a little bit easier. They have a schedule and we’re going to follow it,” Emmendorder said.

Emmendorfer is incorporating time for play and sports into their schedule, which have always been a big part of the twins’ lives. Drew plays FSA Premier soccer and Harley plays on a travel softball team.

“I’m just nervous, the kids are in the 5th grade going into middle school and that’s my worry. Are they going be behind going into the middle school,” Emmendorfer said.

For now, she says she’ll try her best.

A lot of routines have been disrupted during this time.

Connecticut Children’s Hospital has tips for parents on maintaining structure during school closures. Even though children won’t be going to school every day, it’s important to have a consistent bedtime and wake-up time, just like a typical weeknight.


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