Southington students create group to promote school's diversity

Southington students are working to promote diversity in their school (WFSB)

On Thursday, a large group of students at Southington High School worked to remind their classmates that the school’s diversity is one of its greatest strengths.

Students at Southington High School come from all types of backgrounds and experiences, and one group of students started an organization to celebrate the one thing every student has in common.

Their mission statement is “We Matter.” The two word slogan has become the rallying cry of the Multicultural Student Union.

“We don't see race, we see equality, we see love. We see, like I said, brothers and sisters,” said student Lawrence Jackson. “These are all my brothers and sisters and we all love each other. That's what I mean, we all matter.”

“I feel like there’s people in the school who feel like just because when they sit down in class and they might be a different skin color than everybody else they don't feel the same they feel intimidated or something. That isn’t how it should be. I feel like we should be sharing our experience,” said Catherine Cates, a Southington student.

The group started small, with students discussing their past and current experiences with race and diversity.

“I’d come home crying sometimes for being bullied about my skin color,” said Kelvin Herard, who added that his mom would “sit me down and tell me if you were to both get cut like we'd all bleed the same, you know no one’s different.”

Now more than 100 students from all sorts of backgrounds meet once per week to promote diversity at the school and in the community.

The group's founders say if any critics need proof that the Multicultural Student Union is making a difference they just need to spend a little time in the school cafeteria.

The group has a fashion fundraiser planned for Feb. 23.

The students hope eventually other schools start sister organizations.

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