'Speed camera fine' scam popping up in emails

(South Windsor police photo)

Police in South Windsor are urging people to be aware of an email scam that claims they owe a "speed camera fine."

Police said speed cameras are not used in Connecticut, South Windsor Deputy Police Chief Scott Custer said.

He said even if they did, you would get a letter in the mail, based on the address that's on your car registration.

"Here in town, we do have some speed monitoring sides that will flash your speed immediately. They don't record data, it's merely a tool for us to gauge volume and traffic and speeds,” Custer said.

They said one of the intended victims of the scam was one of their officers. She didn't fall for it.

They also said the website that's been sending the email about it is based out of the United Kingdom.

"You've been detected with a speed infringement," the email states. "This fine will be sent by mail to your address. However, you can screen it now."

The link provided in the email is likely malware or a virus.

"Don't take the bait, just delete these messages," police said. "We don't use speed cameras or traffic light cameras and we certainly don't have your email addresses to ask for payment.

They urged people to share their warning with friends and relatives who might fall for the scam.

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