EAST LYME, CT (WFSB) -- With spring in the air, pollen follows.

Sneezing, coughing, and sniffling are common symptoms for those who suffer from seasonal allergies and can make being outdoors unbearable.

Channel 3 spoke with folks along the shoreline who say their allergies are blooming as much as the flowers.

East Lyme resident, Karen Dwyer told Channel 3 that her son’s spring allergies are worse than ever before.

“It’s a little worse, I think, than last year,” said Dwyer. “He used to have issues in the fall, but I’ve noticed the last two springs he’s had more issues.”

Dwyer told Channel 3 she stopped by Shoreline Allergy and Asthma in East Lyme to get prescriptions before an upcoming trip.

“He didn’t want to be without his Zyrtec for the night,” said Dwyer. “He sneezes a lot, runny nose just uncomfortable. He didn’t want to be away even for a few days without it.”

East Lyme allergist, Dr. Mahesh Netravali told Channel 3 patients are making sure they will be prepared when the season gets worse.

“You get all of the trees releasing a lot of pollen and then you’ll get grass pollen at the same time and then there’s also molds. Mold spore counts are high, so you get sort of a bombardment of all different outdoor things,” said Dr. Natervali.

Dr. Netravali said this allergy season will be like last year and over last several decades, allergies have worsened.

But, with over-the-medication and nasal sprays for mild symptoms to allergy immunotherapy shots to provide for those with more severe symptoms, Dr. Netravali said treatment options are expansive.

“Itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, sniffling even on all the medicines that becomes a really good option,” said Dr. Netravali.

Dr. Netravali recommends keeping windows closed in your home and car to prevent pollen from entering your home, avoiding the outdoors on peak pollen days, and using a cool compress to soothe itchy eyes, rather than rubbing.

“If you stay on top of it and take the medication every night then you’re okay, but if you slack off then that’s when you have problems,” said Dwyer.

Dr. Netravali told Channel 3 that allergy season will keep him and other allergists busy until early June.

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