MADISON (WFSB) - Already ahead of the holiday weekend, today shoreline state parks temporarily closed.

The beautiful day enticed them but based on people’s actions — they remained mindful of this: The pandemic is ongoing.

"Earlier, there were a fair amount of people here, but people weren’t right on top of each other. It was pretty full," Anne Frank of Windsor said Friday.

So full, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection closed it and Rocky Neck State Park temporarily.

As the day progressed, the crowds dispersed and allowed newcomers.

"We decided we wanted to see the sunset, so this was a great time to come," Amir Johnson said.

Yet, a glaring indicator of the times we live in brought slight hesitation.

"Yeah, we were afraid there were going to be a lot of people here," Elasia Sumler said Friday. "We weren’t going to stay if it was packed."

Instead, what people found, they say, were blankets spread far from the nearest neighbors.

As for face coverings, very few wore them when walking near groups on the shore.

DEEP told Eyewitness News it’s not requiring people to wear face coverings at all times, only when social distance is not possible.

On the cusp of one of the biggest weekends for beachgoers, the hope is people adapt to these times.

There are questions about enforcing guidelines at state parks, especially beaches.

If someone is not respecting social distancing, DEEP told Eyewitness News Encon officers will first inform them.

But if people are blatantly ignoring the guidelines, it says people may be asked to leave and possibly face further enforcement action.


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