HARTFORD (WFSB) - Leaders are hoping to expand the Hartford rail line beyond Springfield as nearly 2,000 people are using it daily. 

Some passengers are saying there aren't enough seats, saying this needs to be addressed. 

About 50,000 people are riding the Hartford rail line each month. Governor Dannel Malloy took to the rails Thursday proud to see the demand hasn't slowed down. 

"Prior leadership turned their back on a rail system in favor of an over-reliance of a highway system that they then failed to build out to the capacity necessary to move the traffic they had intentionally moved to that system," Malloy said.

Congressional leaders are looking for ways to improve the Hartford line in 2019 - addressing issues surrounding the states contract with Amtrak.

Some state rail riders report problems with ticketing and overcrowded cars.

"On my way here there were too many people. And I was worried about the tickets being oversold but they weren't, " Andre Shepley said. "I thought everything was fine , the train was a little bit late and then as everyone was getting on and there weren't enough seats."

To mitigate those problems, Massachusetts Congressman Richard Neal proposes expanding the Hartford line to more cities.

He says Malloy's vision has given him the platform to do that.

"I think that Governor Malloy's vision here was very instrumental in terms of the rail side, the bus lanes, all of it sometimes in the face of skepticism, cynicism and opposition," Neal said.

Helping parents like Alison Brown take a family trip they can afford.

"Today we're going to Hartford to meet my husband to go ice skating at The Bushnell Park."

Leaders say they plan to sit down with Amtrak and fix the overcrowding issues

Amtrak trains are supposed to honor all CT Rail tickets.

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