DANIELSON, CT (WFSB) - A semi-automatic rifle was among items stolen from a state police cruiser in the Danielson/Killingly area on Saturday.

According to state police, a number of other vehicles had been gone through on the street, which they did not identify.

Those vehicles also had items taken from them.

Troopers said a cruiser assigned to Capt. Timothy Madden happened to be one of them.

They said among the items taken from the cruiser were a Bushmaster XM15 with the serial number: L247509 (gun unloaded w/no magazines reported missing per statement), a plastic container with 70 rounds of .45 and .223 caliber ammunition, body armor, a raid jacket, a police baton and holder, a gas mask, some coats, a gasoline card, gun cleaning kit, and a ceramic plate carrier with CT state police identification Velcro patches.

"We are very concerned. We are concerned when any of our vehicles are broken into. This aspect is very alarming because a firearm was taken," said CT State Police Col. Stavros Mellekas.

Police were able to get a picture of the suspect from a gas station camera where the suspect tried to use a stolen credit card.

cruiser breakin.jpg

The suspect's vehicle has been identified as a stolen dark gray, 2018 Audi Q5 out of Sturbridge, MA bearing MA Reg 58VW87.

Anyone with information relating to these thefts should contact Connecticut State Police-Troop D at 860-779-4900.

State police are investigating how the suspect was able to get into the police cruiser and if it may have been unlocked, however the Madden said the car was locked, and some type of tool was used to force the door open.

"Yes, he is required to lock the vehicle, and also required to report any problem, which he did do. But there are a lot of aspects that are part of the inquiry now,” Mellekas said.

Most of the other cars broken into were not locked, and police are urging people to keep cars locked no matter where they live.

The Connecticut State Police Union offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and/or safe return of the stolen items.

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(4) comments

rick be

The Captain should soon be working behind a desk,

since he was careless with his weapon.He should be

fired but Meter Maids on Wheels get away can get

away with murder in Corrupticut.


So, why is it that in the hands of the police, it's a semi-automatic rifle, but yet,. when it's in the hands of John Q. Public, it's an assault weapon? HMMM. By the way, I guess the CT safe storage laws don't apply to the plice. CSP, let's us know when the Captain gets arrested.

rick be

My thoughts exactly,it shows the bias in Channel 3's reporting.

AND what is a Meter Maid on Wheels doing an assault rifle-is he

going to blast away at speeders,or shoot out the tires of a

cell-phone user?



Vehicle Identification Number:WA1ANAFY8J2161902

Report Date:2020-07-06

Theft Records Found: None

Accident Records Found: None

Salvage Auction Records Found: None

Sales Records Found: None

Official NMVTIS Data: Records Found

Vehicle Age: 2 year(s)

Made In: Slovakia

Body Style: Quattro 2.0-T

Below Market Price $26444.9

Average Market Price $29441.9

Above Market Price $32438.9

year 2018 make Audi

model Q5 trim Premium

style Quattro 2.0-T type Sport Utility Vehicle

size Midsize category Small Sport Utility Vehicle

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