WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) - Drivers are dodging ice missiles.

It never fails to happen the day after a storm and Monday night, state police are on alert.

In a few instances, but because it’s so cold, the snow is frozen solid, so it’s really not flying off cars at the rates normally seen after a storm.

This is a violation where drivers love to see justice served because it’s something that affects the safety of their car and themselves.

Trooper Michael Houle out of Troop A in Waterbury was scanning Interstate 84 and Route 8 looking for violations.

There were several cars with ice on their roofs, but nothing to the degree where it was obvious the driver neglected their responsibility.

“Tomorrow, that snow that’s caked on tonight is definitely going to come off,” said Houle.

Houle says on a dangerously cold night, he keeps an extra eye out for disabled cars.

“You can develop a serious medical issue if you’re sitting in the cold, even in a short amount of time,” Houle said.

A car on Route 8 had a problem with his fuel line. Then, on I84, Camila Perry pulled over and panicked.

“Ice, huge ice just hit from the truck, so I’m out of words right now,” said Perry.

She was so shaken after her car was struck by an ice missile, she had to stop driving.

“It happened really quick, it was super loud, and I freaked out,” said Perry.

Houle made sure her car wasn’t damage and Perry declined to file a report.

She just needed time to calm down but was glad to see troopers are watching out for these dangers.

“Take the extra time to clean off your cars. You don’t want to end up in a situation where a piece of debris is flying off your car and hitting someone else,” said Houle.

No tickets or warnings were given out with Houle.

The tickets start at $120 and if ice causes damage, insurance rates are bound to go up as well.

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