MARLBOROUGH, CT (WFSB) - State police are seeking help from the public following an abduction and robbery in Marlborough.

State police are saying this appears to be a 'crime of opportunity' and are looking into whether it is a hate crime.

State police are seeking help from the public following an abduction and robbery in Marlborough.

On Saturday, state police said a 64-year-old woman was assaulted by two men while in the parking lot of the Big Y World Class Market in town.

Police have released images, including one of a suspect and another of the car the suspects had been driving.

Marlborough abduction suspect.jpg

Police released images, including one of a suspect, and another of the car the suspects had been driving.

Troopers said the suspects showed a handgun, stole the victim’s car and robbed her.

State police said the woman was loading groceries into her car at the time when she was approached by the two young men who were wearing masks.

They demanded money from the victim, then threw her into the back seat of her own car.

Troopers said when the men showed the handgun, they then placed a bag over her head and assaulted her by hitting her in the face with an object several times.

CT State Police gave an update on the investigation into a Marlborough abduction.

The two men then drove to the DND Food Mart in East Hartford where one of the suspects withdrew cash from the victim’s ATM card, troopers said.

State police said the two suspects then drove to Berlin where they threw the victim out of her car and lit the vehicle on fire on fire behind a building.

The suspects left in what’s believed to be a 1999 to 2003 Acura.

At last check, the victim was in serious but non-life-threatening condition.

On Tuesday, CT State Police said at this time, this appears to have been a random crime of opportunity. They do not believe the woman was targeted.

"There's no indication that they knew her. It does look like a crime of opportunity, a nice vehicle, and in an area she wasn't paying attention," State Police Col. Stavros Mellekas stated.

State police said a 64-year-old woman was assaulted on Saturday in the parking lot of the Big Y World Class Market in town.

They're also looking into whether this crime is connected to previous car jackings, although this one is the first one involving an abduction.

Police are asking people to remain vigilant when they're out.

"You want to make moves in a well lit area, watch your surroundings again, see who is around you, have your keys ready before you go to your vehicle," says Mellekas.

"There are certain aspects of this investigation that could possibly be related to a hate crime," Brian Foley of the state Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection said in a statement.

Foley also says as with any hate crime investigation, there are certain protocols, including investigating, tracking, reporting, and working with the state attorney's office.

Anyone with any tips should contact state police.

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(7) comments


Sounds like the kind of thing that happened in South Africa during the 1980s according to a friend who used to live there.


All these poor misguided, underprivileged souls need is some talk therapy. Maybe Verdad/Brie Duffy can take them in and council them!

Brian C. Duffy

I was home all weekend.


The nephew of the victim is openly talking about this on the town webpage he keeps repeating that when his aunt asked “why are you doing this” they responded with “cause your white” why is that part omitted from your story wfsb did you bother to reach out to anyone who was involved

Or just copy paste again …


Sounds like a hate crime to me.

Brian C. Duffy

Did the nephew post anonymously, Miss Chicken or you just making stuff up?

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT


Where was this openly talked about? There is no such forum on the town website or facebook page. Reach out to who- the suspects or the victim in the hospital? Why would say something so volatile? Shame on you.

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