(WFSB) - Winter Storm Abel made for quite the busy Tuesday morning for first responders.

Since midnight, state police said they responded to 40 motor vehicle crashes.

However, no injuries were reported.

They also responded to 100 calls for help.

Spinouts and crashes were reported on roadways throughout the state as a result of snowy conditions.

The Berlin Volunteer Fire Department posted that its firefighters responded to a crash on Frontage Road. It found that a driver went off the road and hit a guardrail. The driver was not hurt.

Channel 3 viewers reported many uncleared roads, such as Route 6 in Brooklyn.

In Tolland County, dispatchers reported several crashes and about half a foot of snow.

On Interstate 91 in Wethersfield, state police said they responded to a jackknifed tractor trailer.

They also responded to a spinout on Interstate 84 in Vernon and dozens of other calls for help.

Although there were some crashes and spin outs the Department of Transportation worked through the storm to make sure the highways were cleared. 

"They work 17 hours shifts plowing. They get a three hour break and it's back to another 17 hour shift and another three hour break, and another 17 hour shift," said Kevin Nursick, DOT spokesperson. 

The DOT had all 634 plows out on the road, using a mixture of salt and magnesium chloride. In a mild winter, they use roughly 120,000 tons of the mixture. 

State police sought to remind drivers to clear their vehicles of snow and ice.

Troopers posted a photo to social media on Monday about clearing off cars.

"Not only are we encouraging travelers to slow down and leave some extra time to get to your destination, we are enforcing the removal of snow and ice from vehicles in transit," they wrote on Twitter. "Please take extra time to clean your vehicle before heading out. Not removing snow & ice, could cost $120."

For real-time traffic updates, check the Channel 3 traffic map here.

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