NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - State scientists and a U.S. senator joined forces to urge action against an exploding tick population. 

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven and Sen. Richard Blumenthal held a news conference on Friday morning.

During it, Blumenthal encouraged the public to send ticks in to the CAES to be tested after they are found on pets.

He also called for an additional $50 million in funding to fight tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease.

Blumenthal is also calling on the Senate Appropriations Committee to significantly increase funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as state and local agencies to address the serious public health threat of Lyme disease through expanded prevention and surveillance efforts.

He cited experts who said 46 percent of ticks have Lyme disease.

"That poses an imminent clear danger to Connecticut of exploding numbers of Lyme cases," Blumenthal said.

As a direct result of climate change, the dangers from ticks and Lyme disease are exploding in Connecticut, he argued.

State scientists and a U.S. senator joined forces to urge action against an exploding tick population.

Recently, new tick species have been found in our state, raising the perils of Lyme’s crippling spread.

The three most common ticks are the lone star, Asian longhorned, and Gulf Coast.

Many people are saying they are seeing more and more ticks on themselves and on their dogs.

When it comes to tick prevention, experts say to do the obvious things like wear pants, long sleeves, and check yourself after you’re outside.

It could also help to use a tick or bug spray, and even a lint roller on your clothes and skin after to try and catch any ticks crawling on you.

Also, always remember to check your pets.

For steps on where and how to send ticks in, click here.

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I am concerned that a cowardly resident can't explain what group of people they were referring to. Must have been criminals, huh?


This article is about ticks and Lyme disease. No need to politicize everything.


HEY BLUMY, how about useing the money you are giving to the legals here..........waiting for the troll Brian to comment

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