HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- An executive order signed by Gov. Ned Lamont that postponed evictions for tenants is coming to an end.

The eviction moratorium was put into place during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many people lost their jobs.

It allowed tenants to skip rent payments and not get kicked out of their apartments.

There are some landlords who believe there are too many who took advantage of it.

An executive order signed by Gov. Ned Lamont that postponed evictions for tenants is coming to an end.

“In January, my back rent owned to me was $141,000. By now, it's well over $200,000. Without the moratorium, it still would have been $50,000. That's the cost of doing business, but the additional is all from being forced to house tenants for free,” said landlord David Haberfeld.

That eviction moratorium is coming to an end June 30, and tenants will have to pay it all back.

“When the moratorium ends, all landlords, all of us, are going to eviction court. Many of these tenants are going to be okay because they'll qualify for Unite CT program, so not all of them will end evicted,” Haberfeld explained.

United CT is funded by the federal government and is currently helping thousands of renters and landlords in the state who are still struggling.

“We have $235 million for the program that is dedicated to helping assist landlords and tenants. United CT brings together both of them. It's an application process and right now, the program will allow up to $15,000 in 10,000 back rents,” said Seila Mosquera-Bruno, commissioner of the Dept. of Housing.

Landlords and tenants need to work together, and many have, as so far 8,000 applications have been processed, paying out $11 million to Connecticut landlords.

Revisions have been made to the program that could be in the landlord's favor.

“The landlord can get 100% of the back rent, up to $10,000, and it can go up to March 13, 2021. And the people can receive rent up to three months at the same time,” Mosquera-Bruno said.

For Haberfeld, he thinks most tenants will stay put.

“If the Unite CT comes in and pays the back rent between now and when we go to court, the tenant will be ok and allowed to stay and if they're working again, and making income, everything will be fine. The ones that weren't paying before and the ones that don't quality, they're going to be evicted,” he said.

To find out of you qualify for Unite CT, click here or call 1-844-UNITED-CT.

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