States, including CT, seeing uptick in hand, foot, and mouth disease

Several states are seeing an uptick in hand, foot, and mouth disease (WFSB file photo)

Several states are seeing a flare up in hand, foot and mouth disease.

It’s a contagious childhood illness, and local pediatric offices said they are seeing an uptick as well.

One office has said the virus is “rampant” right now, and some pediatricians are seeing up to three to four cases a day.

It’s a virus that can spread quickly, especially among children up to 5 years old.

“Fortunately, we have escaped hand, foot and mouth, although it goes around daycares and stuff but we’ve escaped it,” said Alyson Grate, of Higganum.

Symptoms include: Fever Sore throat Sores on your gums or tongue Blisters on hand, feet or buttocksDr. Harry Weinerman, of ProHealth Children’s Medical Group, said the virus thrives in the summer and fall when it’s moist out.

Right now, he’s seeing one to two cases a day.

“Parents really shouldn’t be worried,” Weinerman said.

In fact, the doctor said the virus usually just needs to run its course, and antibiotics don’t help.

“The time you want to call your doctor is if you’re afraid of dehydration that’s if the child wasn’t eating at all or looking very dehydrated to you,” Weinerman said.

Weinerman said if your child has hand, foot and mouth disease, keep them isolated for a few days.

Usually, parents are immune, but Grate said she got the virus in college babysitting.

“I had like a fever, and it was painful on my feet. It’s so contagious, it’s not common the doctor said, but I actually picked it up from the kids and it was a very painful experience,” Grate said.

Doctors say good hygiene is the best way to prevent getting hand foot and mouth disease.

Wash your hands keep them away from your face.

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